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Fallen Rule

SuperSonicSounds presents: FALLEN RULE

Scott Glennon, former guitarist of The Brothers Movement, gives SuperSonicSounds some insights on his new project.When the news of The Brothers Movement's separation reached the ears of lovers of good Irish rock music on 19th December, there was a momentary reason to let their heads hang low. Now, however, it's time to get out of a current depression and look forward to what's to come, for their musical heritage is going to partly live on, experience a new interpretation and see a new development in FALLEN RULE, the new project of former Brothers Movement members Scott Glennon and Andrew Parkes and their bandmate Nolan Watkinson.Looking at the list of bands that Scott has already shared a stage with, being “the likes of the Chemical Brothers, MC5, Sonic Youth, Primal Scream, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, The Dandy Warhols, Brian Jonestown Massacre and [...] the Jesus And Mary Chain” and not being hostile to share it with maybe Sigur Ros or My Bloody Valentine, you'll get a first impression of what to expect when you take a first careful dip into the musical depths of FALLEN RULE. Hopeful. Uplifting. Inspirational. Perceptive. Objective. These are the words that the band itself would describe their music with and this actually hits the mark. Encompassing the listener in a cloud of spheric guitars and hammering drums, as can most prominently heard on the demo of 'Let not people be your foundation', FALLEN RULE hold out a hand to help you get on their slightly psychedelic roundabout.As so very often a most likely fateful event can be held responsible for the Dublin based three piece coming into being. Having met Nolan in Manchester, when he was playing a gig with his band The Second Floor together with Scott's former band, Scott unexpectedly bumped into him in Dublin while he was on a visit. So one thing led to another and finally Scott telling Nolan about the project got him convinced and the main unit of the band was complete because, as Scott points out, they “immediately clicked both musically and personally“ and FALLEN RULE was born.If you might wonder what the band's name was inspired by, it's taken from one of Scott's lyrics in a song called 'Hurts you too', which goes‘If the Fallen rule, would you tell them what to do?Rebuild the walls that kept them from youAnd let them start off anew’ Scott furthermore explains: “After I read it I just liked the sound of it and also the fact it was an oxymoron when just put on its own. I'm very interested in ancient mythology and like the idea of ancient fallen nations regaining their inner power within time or even conforming and it can be viewed so easy by us looking back but must have meant much more to them.“Since laying this foundation the band have been working on some songs, recording demos, which are shortly to be turned into an album, and are now looking forward to playing as many shows as possible. Talking of shows, the crowd attending the BRMC show in Dublin last December have already had the pleasure of listening to some FALLEN RULE songs live when they were opening their Academy show. Being supported by two other musicians for this show one might assume that the band maybe planned to raise their number of members constantly, but as it turns out the three piece alone brings off such a full sound that Scott, Andrew and Nolan seem quite content about their present arrangement. On the other hand, they don't expel the idea of maybe “an array of horns and strings behind us given half the chance...”, which might actually accentuate their somewhat epic approach.However, if you might be as bold as to try to pigeon-hole FALLEN RULE by relating to their Irish background, you should look out for squalls, for this band might be highly aware of the historical and recent contex their music is set in, but “never felt the need to write about that sort of stuff yet as it's been done so well before”. Instead, Scott takes his inspiration from all different kinds of things “like for instance one time an elderly lady decided to take her own life in her car at the bottom of my street and I just felt compelled to write a song about her, I don’t know why but I just felt like maybe she just didn't have anyone and I thought I could maybe find some understanding in why she did what she did by putting it in words and maybe make her have some lasting worth in my life if she didn't feel she had any in hers”. In order to get some distance from the place he grew up in, he also likes to spend as much time as he can in Berlin, because “it seems like I 'live' a lot more there rather than just 'exist' as is easily to do in your home town, I think. As Berlin is such a hub for foreign artistic people you seem to soak up a lot more there than you would just staying in the place you grew up in”. Additionally, following a more classic approach of songwriting, meaning to have an output mostly referring to personal experience, does not seem to be Scott's main goal, as can be seen in the song 'Understand', which challenges the listener's interpretational skills. “Well, I tend to try and not write about myself, although maybe sometimes they are inspired by personal situations. With that song it is a bit personal but maybe from someone else's perspective...”.Being open to various kinds of input and putting out their feelers into all different kinds of directions actually results in a diversity of FALLEN RULE that can already be regarded by listening to those songs floating around, which, being still labelled 'demos', one has to name as more than simply promising, 'Let not people be your foundation' definitely being the most outstanding one. With this song the title is already intriguing, making the listener wonder whether this is rather to be reagarded as a well-meant advice or a bitter solution. For instance, does it point into the direction that it’s a necessary evil to be disappointed because of not being able to rely on people? Or is this something everybody has to learn through the course of the years? Scott puts it like this: “I think with this song it's more an advise to want to have the ability to stand alone and be happy with that because more often than not you are better off not relying on others. I think over the course of your life you realise that from different situations and you have no choice but to. I don’t know, some people always need others and sometimes I do also but I think if you're prepared to stand alone, and to stand strong alone, it won't come as such a shock when you got no choice but to..”...which is a smooth blending to talking about the songs 'Stand strong' and 'Rival', which both go into a quite different direction. Whereas 'Let not people be your foundation' could be said to have a certain dreamy, melodious wall-of-sound appeal, these two turn out to be more catchy and easy-going. Can it be a conscious decision to keep up a certain degree of diversity while writing songs?“I always do and will always try to push my boundaries with my song writing, the last thing I want to be is a one trick pony. When I started writing I never really had a plan on what way I wanted them to sound or what road to go down, but over the years I realised I could write many different types of songs, from simple ‘song’ type songs to songs that are like journeys through monotony and enjoy them all for their own characteristics. Basically, I have no one formula but once I start with an idea I very quickly realise where I think it should go”.With that in mind we can be sure that there will be a great album coming our way. Check out FALLEN RULE onMyspaceFacebookor listen to their demos here.

Fallen Rule are (from left to right): Andrew Parkes, Scott Glennon, Nolan WatkinsonPhotograph by Alessio Michelini

1. Let Not People Be Your Foundation (Demo)2. Understand (Demo)3. Footsteps (Demo)4. Rival (Demo)